Javier Zarracina is the Graphic Editor at since 2015, creating graphics, interactives, motion graphics videos, illustrations and social graphics for all Vox platforms. 

He is also the Motion Graphics Director at Electric Ivy, where he creates motion graphics for documentaries and explanatory videos. Integrate photography, 3D graphics and illustrations. Also creates multimedia installations for museums and events. 

Previously he was the Data and Graphics Editor at Los Angeles Times, where his work was to coordinate and coach work of Data Visualization department, including researching and creating information graphics, interactives and motion graphics for the newspaper and website. He collaborate with the newsroom to identify priorities for visual storytelling. Javier served as liaison with sections and platforms and he edited daily and long-term print and multimedia graphics. 

Before he was the Graphic Director of The Boston Globe since 2007, where he led the Globe graphics department in researching and creating data visualizations, maps and charts for the the newspaper and web sites. He supervised the integration of graphics on multiple platforms: video, mobile, social media and eBooks and implemented visuals within the first Responsive Design environment for a news site. He was member of the core team covering the Boston Marathon bombings, that was awarded with a Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News in 2014

Before, Javier was Graphic Director at El Correo in Bilbao, Spain, Graphic Director for the regional newspapers of Vocento, Spain, and Deputy Graphics Director at the San Jose Mercury News in Silicon Valley, California.

Additionally, Javier has consulted and worked with graphic teams of several international publications and he is a frequent speaker in the field of information graphics.

Javier contributes as freelance graphic artist and illustrator for several publications.

On his free time, Javier enjoys comic books, figure drawing and cooking spanish food

You can contact Javier at